Quincy Drum Circle & Singing Bowls -- Make a Joyful Noise!

Balance the quiet of Redbud Yoga's studio by making a joyful noise with Michael Vera-Eastmond and his drums, rattles, & singing bowls. The evening will begin with drumming and conclude with the soothing sounds of singing bowls -- a quieter joy. Drums are provided but you are also welcome to bring your own. Children are most welcome!!!

Fee is a love offering for Michael & the studio.

Saturday, August 11, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

640 South Fifth Street in Quincy IL

Quincy Art Center Meditation Class

Welcome the weekend by accessing your inner wisdom & energy! Jan will guide some short bursts of meditation as well as some longer stays at the Quincy Art Center on Friday, July 13, 5:30 til 6:30 pm.

Our intention is to honor ourselves (body & spirit), as well as the art and the artist. Our rhythm is to gather for meditation at least once during each new exhibit at the art center. Both experienced and novice meditators are welcome. This class is free for art center members & $8 for non members.

Discover the peace that you are.

Sound Healing Immersion

Join certified sound healers Jane & Donnie Smith Thursday evening, May 24, 6:30 - 7:30, at Unity Church of Quincy (4th & Hampshire) for an evening of Sound Healing Immersion. Allow your body to resonate in harmony with Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Voice, Drums, and other vibrational healing techniques.

Further information is available at Unity Church of Quincy's Facebook page. Fee $25


Equinox Drum Circle & Singing Bowls, Wednesday, March 21, 7:30 pm

Join us Wednesday, March 21, to honor the coming of spring! Michael Vera-Eastmond will be leading our drum circle and then will share some of his skills with singing bowls. Listening at the yoga studio is especially luxurious because we can gather all the blankets & bolsters we need to be deliciously comfortable as we absorb the lovely sounds of the singing bowls. Fee is whatever love offering you can provide (Michael gets half, Redbud Yoga gets half). We also will be honoring the birthday of one of our drummers, Michael Smart, whose special day is March 20 -- a spring baby he was!!

Welcoming Winter

Deep gratitude for all who showed up, texted or e-mailed or called, or were even here in spirit, as I celebrated my 66th birthday on Day 333, November 29. Planning for hummus and veggies as a snack meal, I felt delighted and very supported when my husband brought three big bowls of Indian food created by Shubhanji Datar. The drumming, the singing bowls, the love & comraderie -- I appreciated soaking in all of that, and words cannot say how much I treasure my yoga friends and community.

Discover one man's journey into peace, from activism to inner-vision, at 3:00 on Sunday, December 10, at Unity Church of Quincy at 4th & Hampshire. The movie even includes some meditation/yoga interviews, ahhh. Admission is $10 to support spiritual cinema and Unity.

Speaking of drumming, join us on WINTER SOLSTICE day, December 21, at 7:15 pm for Quincy Drum circle's solstice circle. Drums are provided though of course you may bring your own. Nestle into the circle that is the drum, and the drummers, to honor this shortest day of the year. Those planning to come to the 7:15 Level I class that evening are welcome to join us in the drum circle.

Welcome 2018 by joining us as classes begin on January 2, after the studio is closed from December 22 through January 1. May your holidays be blessed with many moments of peace and joy.

Feedback from Students

A phrase often used in 12 step circles (Alcoholics Anonymous, Co-Dependents Anonymous, etc.) is,  "It works if you work it!" I invite you to observe how this process is also effective in your own yoga practice, and observe how coming to two Redbud Yoga classes a week has impacted this student's life. She is Linda Neumann from Quincy and in the winters from Michigan!

"I want to take this opportunity to share with you what a positive impact Iyengar Yoga has had on my physical, mental and spiritual well being. I had never experienced yoga and I was pretty apprehensive about being able to do it.  My first call to you ended in, "You can do this." "Come in the next 30 minutes if you can to give it a try." My first class was on July 3rd.  It is now October 12th and I love it! I no longer have the low back pain, my mobility is much improved, it is a wonderful mental break and it's bringing spirituality back into my life.  I am committed to making Iyengar Yoga forever a part of my life.

You are a great teacher Jan.  Please feel free to share my share my thoughts as I would recommend Redbud Yoga and the Iyengar Yoga approach to any an all.  They just need to give it a try."


Meditation Mondays

A big thanks to WGEM's Greg Harley Gawronski & Jane Rollison, and their supervisors, for continuing to say YES to our Meditation Mondays program. Listen to FM 105 WGEM Talk Radio on Mondays at 8:38 am for an inspirational reading and a bit of conversation and guidance toward establishing a regular meditation practice. It becomes an interesting dance when Jan wants to have moments of silence, but on the radio that is considered dead air time! So it becomes just like yoga: holding the opposites, holding each with equal reverence, so that right in the center is the quiet.

Yoga & Pregnancy

Many thanks to Stacy Smith from WGEM television news for her willingness to share our enthusiasm for Iyengar yoga and its benefits during pregnancy -- and to our students for being willing to share their own experience with yoga and to be filmed this past Monday evening in our 6:00 class. Stacy's story about exercise and pregnancy aired on February 21.

Meditation Classes at Quincy Art Center

For each new exhibit at the Quincy Art Center, 1515 Jersey, Jan will be leading a guided meditation class to honor the artists and their works.

Free for art center members and $8 for non-members, these classes usually include both novice and experienced meditation practitioners. Jan uses materials from a variety of traditions. Meditation can be a spiritual practice but is not necessarily a religious one -- and spirituality belongs to all of us.

Friday, October 13 from 5:30 until 6:30 will be our next session -- join us!